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Sep 13, 2012 4:30am EDT
of the morning. >> angela, thank you. the united states is responding to deadly attacks and u.s. embassies that killed an ambassador and three americans. this morning, to u.s. detroit -- destroyers are headed towards the libyan coast. >> this is a mid more violence at embassies in libya and egypt. we get the latest. >> u.s. flags flew at half staff at the white house and the capitol as the nation mourned. a group of heavily armed madeleine -- militants launched a attack at a u.s. complex in benghazi, pelting it with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades. they fill the safe room with smoke and drive at least one person in it with the roof. in the end, four died, including chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya, who helped save benghazi during last year cost revolution. he is the first u.s. ambassador to be killed since 1979. a lifelong friend opened up about the loss. >> i lost somebody who unconditionally loved just about everybody. what the world lost was a great diplomat who was interested in peace and humanity, who really understood the culture of the middle east. >> a senior staff
Sep 7, 2012 4:30am EDT
as president of the united states. if there was irony last night was that the president said campaigning has gotten very silly. they are instantly hitting the road. mitt romney will hit a couple states as well. thisll be in virginia continue towill about the fight for the commonwealth as we move forward. quite a convention last night culminating with the president's speech. >> an emotional moment during e final night of the convention when former arizona giffordsoman gabrielle allegiance.dge of she got a standing ovation stage. on the some spectators had tears in eyes when she sang. she resigned from congress this year to focus on her recovery from a gunshot the head. >> the republican ticket will be busy on the campaign trail. will make stops in iowa and new hampshire. ryan will visit nevada. ann romney will campaign in at aun county this morning leesburg.ent in she is an avid equestrian. loudoun county is considered a county in the swing states of virginia. ben bernanke among those taking record low mortgage rates. >> all eyes on the monthly jobs report from the labor department. here is l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2